During the second half of the year 2008, as financial markets were turbulent, HARIS FINANCIAL set itself the objective of offering targeted and structured services aimed at providing significant added value to companies in managing their risks.

We founded our approach on the belief that proximity, listening, responsiveness, independence, and objectivity are essential to establishing lasting and effective professional relationships with our clients. It is thanks to these values, our strong commitment, and a constant quest for tangible results that we have achieved our goal.

Today, thanks to your renewed trust, HARIS FINANCIAL approaches the future with confidence.

We will redouble our efforts to ensure that our advanced and independent financial expertise, combined with our personalized support, continues to help you make informed and consistent decisions aligned with your business, financial goals, and management philosophy.

Hicham Boularbah

Key Numbers

Years of
experience in risk
Offices located
on 3 continents
Clients in
various sectors
distributed across
4 business units

Our team

  • Hicham BOULARBAH

    Founder of Haris Financial
    Hicham is the founder of Haris Financial and has accumulated over 25 years of experience in the markets.
  • Hamza SLAOUI

    Senior Director
    Hamza has been a director at the firm for over 10 years with extensive expertise in hedging markets and risk management.

    Director of Digital Transformation
    Nacer has over 15 years of experience in technology and large-scale transformations and leads the firm’s digital projects.
  • Hajar ABBAD

    Head of Support & Human Resources
    Hajar coordinates the smooth operation of the firm and manages human capital across the three offices.
  • Saber DARIA

    Senior Project Leader
    Saber leads the Quant Business Unit and handles all quantitative issues for Haris Financial.
  • Imane JNINI

    Project Leader
    Imane heads the Studies Business Unit, responsible for all analytical deliverables, consulting missions, and the implementation of Risk Management Frameworks.

    Project Leader
    Meriem is in charge of the Brokerage activity for commodity risk hedging instruments.
  • Safaa EL IBAOUI

    Project Leader
    Safaa is responsible for the Consulting Business Unit, overseeing the daily risk management of the firm’s clients.

Our offices



United Arab Emirates