Area of Expertise

The experts at Haris Financial help you think through and implement the most suitable risk framework management for your business.

Haris Financial not only provides technical expertise but also a contextual understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities in each sector. Our goal is to provide our clients with precise insights and effective solutions.


In-depth knowledge of hedging markets

Haris Financial's unique positioning gives our consultants significant experience in various emerging hedging markets as well as major markets. Combined with real quantitative expertise, this experience is undoubtedly a tremendous asset.

The technical expertise of an available and responsive team, attentive to needs

Within our firm, we have chosen to focus on specialization in capital market and risk management.

The members of our team have strong industry knowledge, which is reflected in our ability to analyze the risks associated with our clients' activities.

Appropriate material resources

Haris Financial has all the facilities in its trading room to carry out its services independently, including IT systems, pricing systems, risk calculation algorithms, etc.


Backed by one of the top three FCMs in the world and collaborating with multiple Market Makers, we provide our expertise to meet your hedging needs across the entire pre- and post-trade chain, ensuring the effective execution of your hedging strategies in financial markets.

• Fast and accurate simulations and quotations of hedging strategies
• Management of deposits and margin calls
• Execution of orders in financial markets
• Provision of execution platforms and monitoring of hedging portfolios (positions, MtM, sensitivities, etc.)

Quantitative analysis

The quantitative analysis team at HARIS FINANCIAL plays a pivotal role in developing hedging strategies and managing risks for our clients. By leveraging mathematical methods and advanced quantitative models, our team deciphers the complexities of financial markets to quantify risks and devise optimal hedging strategies. Our approach ensures a rigorous understanding and increased responsiveness to market developments.

Our services include :

  • Quantitative risk measurement (VaR, Expected Shortfall, Market Sensitivities, etc.)
  • Development of customized tools for optimized portfolio management (Stress Tests, Back Tests, Scenario Simulations, etc.)
  • Regular reports and specialized insights to guide hedging decisions.

Digital solution

Haris Financial offers a comprehensive digital solution that supports the entire risk management function, Front-to-Back.

Developed according to the most demanding international standards and utilizing cutting-edge technologies, our SaaS platform is designed to be both intuitive and efficient, allowing companies to:

  • Identify and quantify their risks
  • Perform in-depth risk analysis
  • Structure hedging solutions
  • Measure the performance of their risk management

Structuring the risk management function

The proven experience of the HARIS FINANCIAL team makes our firm a unique partner that supports you in setting up a risk management organization to the highest standards.

  • Audit of the risk management function
  • Proposal of a risk management organization
  • Development of macro-processes, procedures, job descriptions…
  • Support in implementation


The dedicated team at HARIS FINANCIAL leverages a well-established methodology and a sharp expertise in commodity markets, interest rates, and foreign exchange for the benefit of its clients.

It provides tailored support based on a thorough understanding of your business, the risks it entails, and your risk profile.

The team currently provides daily support to companies in various sectors.

  • Management of exposures
  • Advice on timing of hedging
  • Quotations, simulations and proposal of hedging structures
  • Monitoring of hedging portfolios, restructuring

Risk management guidelines

The implementation of sound and effective risk management practices becomes a necessity. Our team of experts at HARIS FINANCIAL accompanies you in establishing a roadmap for perfect risk mastery.

  • Analysis and mapping of business risk components
  • Implementation of an optimal risk management framework
  • Compliance and regulation
  • Support in implementing risk management policy

Market Analysis

The dedicated team at HARIS FINANCIAL enables you to better understand current developments and future trends in currency, interest rate, and commodity markets.

With coverage of market fundamentals and price dynamics, HARIS FINANCIAL’s research is your key to making risk management decisions in a constantly evolving global environment.

  • Unbiased opinions, price trends and forecasts
  • Fundamental, technical, and quantitative analyses
  • Regular and on-demand publications

Disclaimer: Independent organization, not involved in trading, no commercial or speculative positions.